Sunday, April 26, 2009

caught up again!

Heeere's Betty! I'm not thrilled with the way my "random" arrangement of the background worked out -- but I didn't care enough to take it all apart and re-sew.
The Dakota Gold was fun. I did put this one together wrong the first time (the points were pointing out instead of in) so I did rip. The green fabric is actually much greener than the photo shows --
And, here are some more cherries. I'm glad to be home and getting some sewing in!


Vicki said...

Welcome back. I like the fabrics in Betty, but the block itself is kind of hohum. I also like the green stone like fabric in Dakota Gold. The cherries are fun and remind me of summer.

Librarynan said...

Nice job, as usual, Julie! The cherry fabric just beacme my new favorite (my cherry is blooming, but there is only one and I'm told you have to have two for fruit set. Oh well, I'll just enjoy your cherries, then! LOL