Friday, March 13, 2009

week 11

No worries here folks. It might be Friday the 13th, but I picked a good block, honest.... This week's block is a twelve inch block.... Chimney's and Cornerstones.

Surprising as it is to believe I was actually disappointed that this week's block was all squares and rectangles! I must be coming down with a fever to not be rejoicing...

The block itself reminds me a lot of Rotunda block back in January. That one was only a 9 inch, so I may resize this one to make it the same finished size and use the two as a pair. Guess the first thing to do is hunt down the rotunda block in the pile and see if I like the colours :-)


Vicki said...

What no HSTs, be still my beating heart LOL. We best learn from last week's experiences that this might look simple, but it could turn out to bite us in the end. Happy sewing.

Note: word verification is harderbe - this might be a clue.... ;-)

hetty said...

Ahhh! Thanks QP! This looks like an easy one. Be back in a jiffy with a finished block!