Sunday, March 22, 2009

leaping frogs

This was an interesting block to make -- not sure I'm really keen on it, but I'm really noticing my precision improving as it went together so easily and ended up the right size and square without any "fudging" :-)

I found the technique for making the "X" corners a little different. Might use it again, though I think I'd prefer to use that technique when there was a clear centre point to measure the square from! :-)

Thanks one and all for playing along with these weekly challenges. You're participation is sure making a difference to my "sticking with it" which I really appreciate.


Vicki said...

Your little frogs kind of got lost once the seems were sewn, I guess they leaped into the next dimension. I like the marbly fabric in the middle pieces, it really give the block movement.

Living on the Spit said...

Once again...a wonderful block. I jsut tahnk you every week for organizing this experience for everyone. It has made all the difference to me and where I am today as a quilter...something I now call myself.