Saturday, March 7, 2009

Civil War Claws

I had to giggle with myself as I looked at the finished block because even though this was relatively easy to me (now)...I don't think I could have had the same success a mere 10 weeks ago. I am a completely different quilter now and there are just not enough ways I can begin to thank each and every one of you...especially you, QP. Long live Friday Block Party.

Like another FBP member, I made way to many I seem to know have an HST stash building in progress. These will join my extra purple, it's amazing how many sub stashes I have going on. The HSTs, the bits and pieces, the strips...more amazement.

I thought I would play around with some civil war fabric I got at the thrift store for less than the cost of a Starbucks Coffee...I have never had the pleasure of sewing with these kinds of prints before. They ironed very nicely and tended to stay right where I put them, so all in all...we got a long very nice and I will have them back out to play again soon.

Have a great week everyone.


Quilt Pixie said...

your claws worked out really well Marlene! you are so good with those points now :-)

Isn't it interesting how different fabrics will press so much differently -- nice that these pretty fabrics will stay so crisp, really adds to their beauty.

Brenda said...

great block, and great fabrics. you got lucky for the price of a coffee!

Vicki said...

Your HSTs are perfect, way to go Marlene. You certainly found yourself a wonderful stash of fabric at the thrift shop. Enjoy the fabric.

Librarynan said...

Nice job, Marlene! I'm alwys reluctant to buy fabric at thrift stores, but you hit the jackpot. Your HSTs are quite nice.